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I completed my Step Bet Challenge on July 22! It was so exciting to finish the 6 week bet and make some money! The last week of the Stepbet was a bit challenging as my knee was starting to swell for no particular reason and that definitely makes walking long distances even harder.

I took 505, 642 steps in over a span of 6 weeks! The average daily step of that is 12,039 to put it into perspective. That’s a lot of steps and it is over the recommended 10,000 daily intake that we are supposed to take anyway.

Week by Week Thoughts

Week 1 was a warm up week and it allowed everyone to warm up and see how things worked. It allowed you to see what your steps would be and how manageable it would be. If you missed a few days, it was still all good as no one gets eliminated in the first week.

Weeks 2-4 were pretty easy for me as I got into a groove of which days would be my active days and which ones would be my stretch days. The stretch days are 2,000 steps longer than the active days. Every night before I would go to bed I would check my numbers to make sure that it was synced and said completed. I didn’t want to wake up and see that I missed it by 50 steps or less (as some members had happen to them). I didn’t want to be eliminated so early in the game and really not at all. I wanted to finish, get my money back and a bonus of what was left in the pot that is split between members.

Weeks 5-6 were surprisingly more challenging to do. I don’t know whether it was due to what was going on in my life or how I was feeling but it was harder to do my steps each day. Some days I would finish half a day and see that I was nowhere near where I was supposed to be.  The last week was the hardest because my knee was causing me a lot of issues. It’s hard to walk or do anything really, when your knee is swollen. But by taking little steps I was able to crush my goals.

Thankfully I finished!

Personal Thoughts

What I have learned is that there is a great community within the app as well as the Facebook group if you join. There are always people ready to cheer you on to help you achieve your step goal. Words of encouragement and great people are there to make sure that you get your steps done and have a smile on your face. No one likes failure but it does exist and we need to rise above it to get where we want to get to. The more encouragement the better. I was shocked to see that more than 200 people dropped out/got eliminated during the game. I thought there would be maybe 100 that would drop out but things happen in life that make us forget, or miss it by a small amount and we can’t change it. We can only get up and try again.

How much money did I make?

Money put in: $40 USD

Money won: $49.14 USD (40 from original deposit and 9.14 for lasting the entire challenge).

$9.14 is nothing to sneeze at, however, for me it was the affect that the challenge had on me. It made me walk every day and more than the minimum. It made me commit to something for 6 weeks and actually get it done. I met a great group of people that encouraged me and offered their support as did I to them. It was a great experience.

Next on my try list: Run Bet. I need to work on my cardio and this is a good way of doing that and making a bit on money on the side. I know you won’t get rich doing these type of things, but I find that they are both fun and encourage you to get out there and exercise. Win win right?

Have you ever done a fitness bet? Did you win or lose? Did it help with your goals?

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  1. When I started reading this article I didn’t have a clue what this is about. Then I realized it’s an app about walking. Never heard about this, but the fact that somebody can win a lil’bit of money by setting some goals and accomplishing them is actually pretty cool.
    And walking 39 miles a week is actually a lot, but that makes me want to try this because a love walking!

    1. Hi Andrea,

      Within the article there is a link to part one of the step bet which explain what it is in more detail. If you like a challenge I highly recommend you try it as it is a lot of fun and you meet interesting people online 🙂 There is also run bet (you run a certain amount each week), and diet bet(you lose a certain amount of body fat ). Lots to pick from. It just depends what you are in the mood for to try.

  2. Wow, this is an amazing post as well as inspiring. I’ve never done a fitness bet before but it is something to think about.

    Can’t wait to read your next accomplishment: “RunBet”. All the best to you.

    1. Thank you Teasha. I am definetely looking towards that challenge. I think the most I ever ran was for 10 minutes before having to stop and taking a break. Hoping that this will push me to do better and go longer distances. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi, Never heard of Stepbet before, sounds really good. I do one on my phone every month it keeps me motivated to keep walking.

    Like this article because I now know something different and because it was so informative.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Do you have the S Health or a different app that you use to track your walking and keep you motivated? I am curious 🙂

  4. What an interesting post — and I love your domain name. What a combination! Money and chocolate — how could it get any better?

    The Stepbet challenge sounds like a great way to earn some money while getting all the exercise you need for a while. You certainly left us food for thought — chocolate flavored!

    1. Hi Fran,

      I love your play on words 🙂 Yes money and chocolate are two great things that I love. You can never have too much or enough of either of those. Thanks for stopping by!

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