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February was a fast and short month for me. It flew by so fast. In between the few snow storms that we had (lots of shoveling on this end or using a snow blower if you have one). It was cold, snowy and I am glad that it is over.

It was also the month of the Super Bowl, which I don’t really care for aside from the half time show they put on. My husband on the other hand is a diehard Patriot’s fan and guess what? They won again this year which was a nice early birthday present for him as his birthday is only a few days after.

I also finally had a girls night out and we went to check out Merlot  as it was part of Winterlicious . The food was good but I have had better food. Still we had a fun time over dinner and then prolonged it by heading to a Starbucks nearby and continuing to catch up. It’s so nice to get out of the house and be around girlfriends where you can complain or talk about random things that you wouldn’t be able to talk about otherwise. I am hoping that we can plan another girl’s night outing soon, especially since it will start to get warm soon enough.

Valentines Day came and went in our house as we don’t really celebrate it. We enjoy the sales after but we don’t make a big deal like some people to by going overboard.

Towards the end of the month we celebrated my sister’s birthday with family by watching the new Gabriel Iglesias Netflix special (he is a comedian and hilarious), catching up and enjoying delicious cake. It was a great end to the month.


This month I tried a two week trial of F45 Fitness with my sister. Week one I attended all of the classes and week two only three classes due to pain in my arm.

When my sister first suggested going for a 5.45am class, I thought that she was nuts as it is super early. However, having completed the two weeks I found that I actually loved going each day. I went Monday-Friday and left the weekends as rest days. The first few days were rough as I was sore but then I actually enjoyed going every day. Yes, my days felt longer and I was more tired by the time 8pm rolled in.

However, it allowed me to start my day off slowly. I woke up at 5.20am , went to the class for 5.45-6.30 (they are only 45min each), came back and still had time to shower, have a cup of coffee and breakfast before anyone woke up for the day. I also felt as though I had more energy throughout the day. Until 8pm hit that is.

Would I do it again? Heck yes! The only problem is that F45 is expensive since it is a combination of group fitness and a personal trainer all in one. It is more challenging than Orange Theory Fitness (these guys it is even more expensive). Although if you go 5 days a week it works out to be $10/class which is not bad. Still $200/month at this time in my life is not feasible as it can be put towards savings, debt repayment and other experiences. If it was cheaper, I would sign up after my 2nd class. haha

Side Hustle

This month I made $95.24 in side income ranging from bonuses, gift cards and dividends. Turbo tax and Wealth simple had a nice offer in conjunction with the RRSP deadline that if you opened an RRSP account from their link  you would receive a $50 bonus. $50 is not a lot but it is free money. I also participated in an online focus group study which will bring in $200 but since I haven’t received it in my bank yet, it will be counted towards March.

On a side note, I went to an interview that would have been my dream job and something that I used to do before I got laid off and went on maternity leave. I aced the phone and online interviews, and it seemed that I was fine with the in person interview as well. Only problem is that they never called me back, despite saying that they would in a few days. I followed up via email and phone but didn’t get anywhere. It sucks to think that you did well but nothing happens at the end. Time to keep on looking for other opportunities while studying to becoming a scrum master on the side.


Goals for 2019 (Status update)


·Save $5,000 – $1,098 which is 21% of my goal. I am hoping to reach this goal by my birthday in June but I don’t think this will happen unless I hustle hard on the side.

·Put $2000 in an emergency fund- no progress this month due to other expenses.

·Pay off $10,000 in debt – Currently paid off $5,904 which is 59% of my goal. I know that this is going to be accomplished either next month or in April since March has 3 pay periods. 

·Save for Europe Trip – had to use this amount this month to cover a few unexpected bills so I am back to nothing in this area. 

·Make additional $150 in dividends- bought more stocks/etfs this month so it will grow slowly. 

·Side Hustle income $500 a month – I made $200 in an online focus group this month but I won’t be getting the cheque til March so I will count it at that point. Side income this month: $95.24


·Read 50 books (10 personal development)- Currently in the middle of reading a few books going towards personal development. Books read to date (not re-read) : 1/50. personal development =0/10. I know that these numbers will be going up in March. 

·Work out 3x a week – Fail. I did a two week trial of F45 Fitness where i went 5 times one week, and 3 times the next. But for half the month i didn’t really work out. 

·Do 1 thing that challenges you once a month – I started learning about being a scrum master which is new for me.

·Make time for relationships- Work in progress


·Post 2x a week- big fail this month. Will be working more on this in March. 

·Make at least $200 from blog – No progress here yet.

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