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It’s the middle of October and it is finally start to feel like fall around here. I’ve just finished my 13th run in a Runbet that I am currently participating from October 1 – October 21 with 500 other participants. I did a Step Bet back in July and loved it as it motivated me to get moving. Then I injured my knee and had to wait until it healed before I can do any real exercise. But you know what happens when you don’t exercise for a while? You lose motivationYou don’t want to exercise. It is twice as hard to start then it is to continue to exercise. It took me quite a while to even want to do anything, but I really needed to get back to it.

Since I enjoyed the community and the accountability factor of Step Bet, I thought about giving Run Bet a try. Now if you know me, I am not really a runner. I don’t enjoy running 10-20km for fun. For as long as I remember I would only run when I had to not because I wanted to. (i.e. gym class, if a group class ran as a warm up, etc.) But after reading a few of the different type of Run Bets available, I chose an easy and gradual progressing of distance. You would get 7 rest days and run 21 days in 28 days. You get to pick when you run and when you rest, but you have to be careful not to use too many rest days or you would get eliminated.

You would start at half a mile (3 days), go to 1 mile (6 days), 1.5 miles (6 days) and go all the way to 2 miles (6days). When you look at it that way, it doesn’t look to be too intimidating. I still need to do 8 more runs in order to win the Run Bet and it is definitely getting more challenging. I have used up all of my rest days so there are no more breaks until it is done. Have I gone crazy? By the end of the month I will have run 43km! I can’t wait to cross that threshold.

What I have noticed so far is that some days are easier than others. I usually run much better on a treadmill than outside since the weather makes it harder. However since I don’t have access to a treadmill this time around, it is all outside runs. I am slowly noticing that the more that I run the easier it is getting and I am able to push myself more. I keep tracks of my runs through Runkeeper and my Fitbit HR. I have the older version of the watch as it gives me everything that I currently need so there is no point in updating it to the new one yet.

I currently run in my Asics runners and they have amazing support! I’ve had bad shoes in the past and trust me, you want to make sure you have quality footwear. I also like to run in my windbreaker as it keeps the warmth in considering we are in fall and some days its below 5 degrees Celsius. Brr. Another thing that makes me actually enjoy my runs is the music that I listen to on my phone. I created a few playlists to make sure it is always different depending on the mood I am in. I’ve had days where I was ready to stop and head home but a great song would push me to finish my run without stopping and feeling great. Endorphins anyone? Haha.

2 Reasons Why It’s Great To Run
  • If you are running outside you get the benefits of being outside and getting fresh air. It is recommended for us to be outdoors for 60 minutes on a daily basis for health reasons. Sadly, for many that is not the case and they are lucky if they get 15-20 minutes.
  • Running is a great exercise to get your cardio up and your heart working harder in order to maintain a healthy balance. By exercising, you are also releasing endorphins which are amazing for you. They are a great stress reliever, mood enhancer (notice how your mood is always better after exercise), and they make you feel great until the next time you exercise. We need endorphins to help with our well being and mental health. Plus a side benefit is that you are burning calories and maintaining your health so that you can live a better and longer life.

That is it for today. Time to lace up my runners and head out. I hope that it stops raining long enough for me to complete my run. Otherwise I’ll have to run in the rain which sounds fun in theory but not when you are actually doing it. Lots of slipping and sliding, mud, and tripping hazards. I don’t usually mind it when it’s warmer out but not when there is a frost warning. Ohh maybe I’ll see snow? 🙂

Stay tuned for a future post going into more detail about my Runbet, rules, prizes, etc. and see whether I finish out strong and win.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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