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This post is coming out late, but better late than never right? November was mostly a quiet month. I went with my sister to the annual boxing Christmas party that happens every year in November. I love going to a club to work out where they give out awards every year, support you through your journey and where you make great friendships. The community is just amazing and so much better than going to a regular gym where it is just you and a bunch of strangers. Although I have never won any awards, I am constantly being pushed to do my best and strive to get better.

We also had a friend’s birthday party that we went to which featured great people, delicious food and a great time. It is nice to get together in the colder months as people usually start to hibernate until the spring so anything social is really just tossed out the window. We had a great night and we even sang a few karaoke songs which was hilarious and the videos are funny.


I participated in a Diet Bet this month and although I finished I did not win like the other two bets I recently did. However I am not really shocked as I didn’t push myself that much.  I needed to lose just under 7lbs and left it til the last two weeks which is not enough time when the weight keeps going up and down. I will definitely do it again (probably in the spring or summer time) and actually work on it every week instead of procrastinating. For the short month that I was using the platform I received and saw a lot of people offering advice, support and just being a great community striving for the same goal, to lose weight.

Side Hustle

Side income was low this month as I didn’t really do much. I know that when I put in the effort it shows at the end of the month. One thing that I have noticed over the last few months is that at the end of the day, it is really hard to be motivated to sit in front of a computer when you already do that at your day job. I have started to think about other streams of income that I can dip my feet in that either don’t require the computer, or that requires it for short spans of time. Time will tell but I am going to be working on that in the next few months to see what happens. 

I’ll be doing a December check in post in the next few days as well as a New Year’s resolution post as the New Year is upon us!






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