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January has come and gone! I can’t believe it flew by so fast! It was a great month but it was also a difficult month.


We decided to change things up this year and did a small New Year celebrating with just the three of us, myself, hubby and our son. We have never done one before as we usually host a bash or go somewhere and get a sitter for the night. It was a change but it let us spend some much needed one on one time together ringing in the new year.

I am not sure what it is about 2019 but I feel like it is going to be life changing. There is just something in the atmosphere making me want to get my butt in gear and change things. We shall see if it is just all of the excitement of the New Year or if it is something that will stick for the long haul. I’ll check in on this in six months and see where I stand.

January marks the 2nd birthday of our son and it is so bittersweet. He is growing up so fast! I remember when he was only a few months old and now he is 2! We had a small birthday party with just family and it was nice. It is great to see each other on a monthly basis almost and catch up, celebrate the big wins and other events in people’s lives. I know that next year we will most likely do something bigger as he is making friends in day care and loving it.

As a side note, we switched day cares towards the end of January as we felt that Marcus needed more interaction. Previously he was in a small home day care with a few kids and he loved it but we knew it was time for a change as well as a few things happened in my family that made us speed up the process. Home day cares are great when you start out initially as it is as though you are at home playing with friends. However now that Marcus is two I figure that it is time to slowly prep his for school as that will be a huge change. We were shocked how fast he acclimatized to the environment. He is such a social butterfly and loves to play with his new friends.

I also went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday but it was in a unique way. We went to a trampoline park and played trampoline dodgeball. It took a bit of time to adjust and get comfortable but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun. Not to mention that it is a great work out. We were sweating the entire time and out of breath but with big smiles on our faces. I can’t wait to do it again sometime.

All in all, January was a great month socially despite the few dark spots that we had at the beginning of the month.


Fitness was nonexistent this month again as I didn’t really feel like venturing out into the cold winter weather. It is definitely harder to get motivated and work out when it is dark and cold outside. I know that once it warms up, it will be so much easier to work out and actually want to move instead of vegging on the couch.  I will make more of an effort in February to work out as I need to get rid of a bit of excess weigh from the holidays and all of that chocolate.

Side Income

Side income was lower this month as I didn’t do anything to actively make more money on the side. I find that some months it is easier to make an effort while other months it is much harder as you are more tired after work. I made $96.90 this month which is ok but nothing to boast about.

Although it doesn’t really count as side income I have started to scout out and apply for higher paying jobs in the area. I feel as though I am status quo in my current job and really need a change. It took me a while to find a job last time so I figure I’ll start now and have something by the time Spring comes around.

Goals for 2019 (Status update)


· Save $5,000 currently $908.12 which is 19% of my goal.

· Put $2000 in an emergency fund– $0

· Pay off $10,000 in debt – $3,200 which is 32% of my goal. The way that I am going this will be crossed off in a few months.

· Save for Europe Trip$294.48 which is 9.8% of my goal. This is a slow and steady goal as I still have a bit of time to save. 

· Make additional $150 in dividendsI am purchasing more stocks and etfs every month to save on dollar cost averaging. This should not be a problem to make at the end of the year. 

· Side Hustle income $500 a month – No progress here yet as I haven’t actively been trying. Really need to start on this  as it would be a great help financially. Any one have any tips?


·  Read 50 books (10 personal development) – no progress here yet. 

·      Work out 3x a week – no progress here. 

·         Do 1 thing that challenges you once a month-  I started a course to improve my personal development so this will keep me busy for a bit.

·         Make time for relationships – I am stlowly working on this by communicating more with people in a variety of ways. 

Blog – no progress yet on any of these. I am hoping to work on this more in the coming months. 

·         Create a newsletter

·         Post 2x a week

·         Make at least $200 from blog

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