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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and end up purchasing something on the website I will get a small fee.

A few weeks ago I joined a Step Bet which runs from June 11- July 22, 2018. It is a 6 week step bet where a group of people put in $40 into a pot. As long as you meet your daily step goals you will remain in the running. The app takes the average of your steps on the tracker of your choice (i.e. Fitbit Charge HR, Samsung S health, etc) and provides you with your goals. You need to achieve 4 active days and 2 Stretch/Power Days. You also get one free day each week for those just in case moments that you are not able to meet your goal. The first week is a warm up and if you don’t meet your goals, it is ok. However from week 2 til the end it is game on. It is a great motivator to get your daily steps in and make some money on the side.

I started this step bet as a way to motivate myself to get moving again and make some money on the side. I was walking too little for my liking and needed to get back into shape. I am currently in week 4 of 6 and my steps have increased past the recommended 10,000 steps a day which makes me happy.

I find that I have more energy and I am finding new ways to get more steps in. I love hiking and that definitely helps with getting my steps in. This past weekend I went camping with some friends and it was so easy to get the 10,000 steps in. I blinked and it would be done, some days even before 10am.

These types of challenges are great for people that need that extra kick to get back up. I am using the challenge to also help me earn rewards and money.

Reward Apps

Carrot Rewards – The way that carrot works is by syncing a tracker (Fitbit, Samsung s health, or any of their compatible trackers) and meeting the daily step goals. It motivates you to move and it gives you points each time you meet the goal. It also has challenges that you can do with friends to get more points. You decide which type of reward you want those points to go to (i.e. scene for free movies, Petro Canada for free gas, etc). If you use my code olenap8078 you will be able to earn 50% more points with my referral. Currently it is available only in Canada.

Drop – Another great point’s app that I use is Drop. It has a similar concept as Carrot rewards but it is available in US. The concept is that you link a debit or credit card (I linked both) and when you should at different retailers, you earn points. You can also link it to Carrot and points you get for walking/exercising are get put into Drop. You can also do offers (i.e. trying out different apps, opening a bank account, etc) and earn points that way. At the end, you can redeem them at different restaurants, coffee places and online. (i.e. Starbucks, Amazon, Old Navy, The Keg, etc). To date I’ve earned $50. It is not a lot but for doing your normal shopping or exercising it’s a nice perk. If you join using my link, you will receive 1000 points.

I can’t wait until July 22 when I can collect my earnings and use it to pay some of my debt. I will see if I will join another game or just take all of my money out.

For those that have participated in a step bet, did you win? Or did you lose? Was it motivating for you?

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