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December was a busy month as it usually is every year. No matter how many times I tell myself that I will plan ahead each year and buy gifts early, it never happens. I always leave it til the last month or last minute in some cases. I did that a few times a couple of years back and trust me when I say that it is a bad idea. You do not shop Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve as it is a mad house. Everyone is trying to do the same and patience is running thin with everyone.

We went to an all-inclusive trip to Cayo Coco, Cuba with my son and husband and it was a nice getaway. We really needed to just get away and have some family time to recharge our batteries and get away from family drama and stress from work. The weather was great most of the time, although we did have a few days where it was cloudy or windy and a bit cold. On those days we walked around the resort and just entertained ourselves instead of going to the beach.

Our son, Marcus, was able to go on his first ever catamaran boat ride and he enjoyed it once we were on the boat. Getting to the boat and putting on a life vest was a whole other story as he did not want to wear it.  He enjoyed the daily trips to the beach and swimming in the ocean, going to the baby club and the nightly kid’s entertainment. It is great that the resorts make an effort to include the kids so that everyone has a great time on the trip.

When we came back and were getting off the airplane, he was lucky as he got to sit in the cockpit with the pilot and ‘fly’ the airplane! Now that’s a pretty cool experience that you don’t get to see and enjoy every day. Our son got a kick out of it.

Once we got back from our trip, a few days later we attended our neighbor’s 3yr old birthday party. It was interesting to see how all of the kids and adults interacted as we haven’t attended too many kids’ birthday parties. So much sugar and hyper activity but also a lot of fun.

We hosted the yearly Christmas Dinner at our house and spent much needed family time with everyone, eating too much food and enjoyed opening Christmas presents.

Lastly, my work did a Christmas lunch after the holidays and we got a nice small bonus as a thank you since we are a small company. As I always say, it is not the company but the people that make it a great place to work.

It was a great December but I can’t wait for the quiet of January.


Fitness was nonexistent really this month as I didn’t really exercise too much. I also knew that I wouldn’t really make too much progress as the holidays always have a lot of tempting foods. I am a fiend when it comes to sweets and chocolate during the holidays. I throw caution to the wind and just splurge until January.

Side Income

Side Income was pretty good this month. Between receiving bonuses, gift cards and dividends, I managed to make $673.86 this month. I love seeing these amounts increase each month as I can tell that it is growing slowly but surely. I am still working to diversify the side income so that it keeps growing each month and so that it becomes more steady. 



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